Special Events

Events involving SiaLinda

As the entire industry, the Corona situation also makes we have a hard time.
It will take place barely events, trade shows or other events.
As soon as this situation changes, you will again find the relevant information!


Here is a summary of the events of the next week SiaLinda

As a small team we can not always and everywhere be present, because in the first place SiaLinda operates an online shop. Nevertheless, we try our customers so often take as humanly possible. We are always happy to personally show you our corsets, skirts and accessories, they can try to get to and direct feedback on the models.
On this page you will find the next dates that have been confirmed where you are so sure we will participate. These are events and things that we believe that they are well suited to SiaLinda. If you know of other events where you would like to see us, or if you are self-promoters, let us know! Whenever possible and appropriate, we try like to participate!

Fashion Parties

Party and fashion = Fashion and Party = = Party Fashion Fashion Parties.

since there have been SiaLinda - - From the beginning, we were present at events and events on the road to give you our goods. The feedback gained there has given us many good suggestions and made us often shown how our products arrive. resulted from these feedbacks out our fashion parties where you can browse at your leisure, without pressure to buy, but with coffee and drinks by the assortment, while we non-binding advice in a relaxed atmosphere and answer questions.
As a location for our fashion parties serve us cool and exclusive locations throughout Germany. Here we can get with our customers and prospects in personal contact and offer an individual on-site consulting.

private Shopping

Our showroom in Nuremberg is open to you!

Chooses you your preferred date and Browsed quietly and in private by our collections. We take time for you and advise you individually:

SiaLinda Showroom - Direct booking date

For all fans of great outfits!


Private Fashion Weekend

Christmas is approaching and the SiaLinda showroom opens again for you

And once we open for you our showroom under the slogan "Private Shopping"!
100% advice for you, to

Coffee, Prosecco and cold soft drinks
Sweet and salty snacks

It remains "private shopping" under 2G conditions in the proven concept.
Today, due to the general situation, we make a registration simultaneously (individual, couple or trio).
Of course we will be on the spot again for two, so we can be perfectly advised and serve you.

More info:

Calendar of events in Joyclub

Attention: If you click on one of the links, you come to the sides of the Joyclub- we maintain there is currently our event calendar and the applications on external events.
If you are not a member of the Joyclub, but you can also subscribe at any time by email or our own booking system with us!

Fairs & Markets 2021

Also in 2021 we plan again at a variety of fairs participate.
Whether and how the pandemic situation allows the fairs to take place, the time will show.
If possible, have been planned so far:
10.-12.9. Obscene (Stuttgart)
Friday  Saturday  Sunday
08.-10.10. BoFewo - Hofheim (Hesse)
Saturday  Sunday
26.-28.11. Passion (Hamburg)
Friday   Saturday   Sunday
In the following cities, Sialinda fashion parties are currently taking place:
Here we invite you about every 1-2 months in our showroom.
The first city in which our so-called "pop-up" shop was opened. For this we are practically packing our whole showroom, drive to Munich and pack everything back in a cool location. There then the same principle is considered as always: relaxing, drinking something, listening to music, chat and try on everything as you want.
Other cities:
Meanwhile, we have already organized our fashion parties across the republic:Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Lübeck, Wuppertal, Leipzigu.v.M. More are in plan for the next few months. As soon as an appointment finds, you will find it here.
If you have a good tip for a location, we look forward to your hint, we are (almost) all overlapped