Tips for simple laces of corsets

Sialinda corset lace

How do I attach a corset?

Here is a guide for the first time:

  1. The string on the back of the back uniformly pull apart that you can easily put the corset open to the body comfortably.
  2. Bring the corset into the right position.
  3. Close the hooks or eyelets on the front - which is becoming easier with time and some exercise. First, try closing the second or third eyelet from above and follow the other eyelets from top to bottom. Finally, close the upper (s) eyelet (s).
  4. Now ask a charming helper to support you at the back lacing. The helping person should pull the strings evenly. For some models you can pull the loops of the waist together, at others at the top or at the bottom.
  5. If you feel that it is well seated, the two loops can be bound to a loop. Mostly one makes a double loop, so that the loops become shorter and looks nice.
  6. After some time, you feel if the corset should be pulled narrower or looser.

They wear the corset properly laced, if they have a good feeling and can breathe deeply.

What to do if no helper is nearby?

Of course, you can also attract your corset alone:

  1. Locate the loops or the open end of the lacing on the back and tighten tightly.
  2. When the cords are long enough to continue with the thumbs forward.
  3. Holding both strings at the front with one hand and tighten the lacing at the back with the other. Tighten the strings again and again until they feel that it is true.
  4. Make a loop behind the back, done!


    As a trick, you can hook the loops on a doorknob and carefully do a step forward. You realize that the loops are narrow. Always tighten the lacing and continue as described above.