About SiaLinda

"Made by SiaLinda". Exclusive.

When it comes to hot sexy corsets skirts and extravagant accessories is - then you are exactly right with us!
You can find us at no 15.08 goods as in so many "adult specialty shops" and in many other adult online shops ...

Handpicked, each model is examined "thoroughly" before it can carry the label SiaLinda.
We now provide most styles in our own small factory itself ago: our team has the idea and making the design then we put the prototypes before the models are produced exclusively by and for SiaLinda - the most of all in our own factory, many even with specialized partners in Germany and the EU!

(One exception is our handmade corsets: so come here many hours that we as practically have to all textile companies that produce in Asia for cost reasons.)

"Made by SiaLinda" stands for feminine fashion for body-conscious ladies.

Body consciousness has nothing to do with the clothing size.
Body concrete end, sexy outfits always require a "certain courage" that in many cases the lady is thereby attract attention. Something that enjoy many ladies, some not - or maybe not "yet"!

If we create something new, we do not think in the first place to the clothing size of the ladies. In the second place, however, already! Because we want to create fashion that not only looks "right" in the respective size and "good", but as "really good"!
You will never "everything in every size" find SiaLinda. We take the liberty and always produce only the sizes of the respective model in which the wearer looks sexy and feminine!

(We think it is counterproductive to comply, at worst a fraud the desire of customers "look good" when it is said, for example, "all to 8XL" ... In our eyes just unfair!)

Our stated goal is that the ladies "with SiaLinda" look better than "without SiaLinda"
- in our eyes,
- in the eyes of all their viewers, and - most importantly
- in their own eyes!

SiaLinda for Women and Men

Sialinda for men

For years we have been asked at events and fairs:
"And, you also have something for men?"
Long we had to deny, because we did not want the hundredth power shirt with the hundredth black boxer shorts ... that's just not our style.

We really wanted a look that in which the man just as stylish "appears" as his lady. Both are to appear as sexy as elegant or as stylish as they wish. The man is intended to pull down the look by no means.

Long it took, but then we have found a partner that fits SiaLinda:

Great quality and super professional work!
There are in his range a lot of "oblique models and designs." Much is even too weird for us or does not match the style of SiaLinda. But some just yet!

With this partner we started: Punk Rave.

Onesecond factoryis now in the starting blocks and we have already the first own creations and designsdesigned and produced already! "Made by SiaLinda" .. like stop also at our women's collections!

You can find out more about our thoughts on the launch of "SiaLinda for Men" here in our SiaLinda blog: SiaLinda for Men - Here we go!

"Made by SiaLinda". Because it does not always have to be black

We like black.
But we believe that it is not always black.

Anything but ordinary,
and not only during cutting, but also in colors.

Take for example, our satin skirts ( "with the lily"):
this is it (of course!) in black, but subject to availability actually getting further in about 10 colors!
Not all colors please or have all the ladies. But they should not do that either. However, every lady should find their very personal favorite color underneath - right the color in which they radiate 🙂

"Made by Sialinda". Not for Everyone.

Still a clear announcement:
We do not strive for every Sialinda article to everyone!

We want to be different. We want you to find that what you do not get somewhere else.
And since we are a small business, we just do not create it to offer everything that does not get somewhere else ...

Actually, we want to hear one of these two statements from our customers:

"Wow, but that looks great, I want to have that!"


"Wow, never seen, but that's really nothing for me!"

Of course we hear the first version most of all 🙂

"Made by Sialinda". Made of measure.

Thanks to our own production, custom-made products or custom-made products are possible in many cases quickly and easily.
The Sialinda Blog provides more info on this topic: Custom-made products and custom-made products