For men: tips or how to buy an outfit as a gift?

SiaLinda Outfit

Dear men
,this page is especially for you!

A large part of our customers are men who buy corsets or corsages for their partner. We would like to give you some tips on how to choose the right model and especially the right size and order directly online. Actually it is quite easy to buy a SiaLinda corset online, but you should consider a few points to make sure that you like it and it fits right away:

  1. What type is she?
    What kind of lingerie does she usually wear?
    What colors and shapes do her tops, blouses or other tops have?
    The answers to these questions will give you, dear men, clues as to what style to consider: does she like to wear colorful pieces? Is she more the patent-and-leather type? Is she conservative or does she like to show some skin?
    For all styles we have corsets and corsages in our program. You now have two options: either you follow her style and play it "safe" or you dare to give her something she would never buy herself (but be aware of what you are doing and only take the risk if youthink you know her really well! And here it says consciously believes, because which man really knows (s)a woman???).

  2. Spying allowed!
    In the next step you have to spy: if you don't know her clothing sizes, then you should search her wardrobe and find them out!
    Hopefully your favorite pieces still have the size labels, then it's easy. Look at a few of your favorite blouses (by the way, blouses are feminine shirts, not skirts *gg*) and see what it says. We need specs like 36, 38, 40, 42 etc. S, M. L will not do. And please choose blouses or other tops that she currently likes to wear often. They should also not be too loose, but normal cut.
    And then we need your cup size (or of course that of her bras): Here only the letters are important, not the number before, so A, B, C, D etc

  3. Model and size selection made easy!
    We want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right one. After all, it's in both our interests that your sweetheart gets the right one right away: You see the shining eyes and get the thanks immediately and live!
    And us? We don't get any returns and don't have to exchange anything ;-)
    Therefore, after extensive tests and adjustments of our models, we have developed a size chart for you and us
    You can find it linked to every article. It works (almost) universally:
    The sizes are based on the cuts of our SiaLinda models and can not be easily transferred to other brands!
    First of all, dear men, you have to decide if youwant to give awaya underbust or an overbust corset .What is the difference?

    An underbust corset, as the name suggests, only reaches below the bust, so it doesn't coverit.So if she doesn't wear a top or similar underneath, she goes "topless" :-)
    The size selection is easy, because it doesn't depend on the cup size

    of your loved one. If in doubt, please choose the smaller size, because it is no problem to leave the lacing a little looser. A corset that is too big, on the other hand, can be completely closed and still not fit the body.

    A full bust corset also covers the bust, therefore the cup size is extremely important, because after all you want your sweetheart to have a nice cleavage, don't you?
    Therefore we have shown the optimal combinations of clothing size and cup size in our size chart. With the data you found in her wardrobe, it is now easy to find the right size.
    (Of course, we also know that everyone is different, but we estimate that we should be right 95% of the time...)


  • Please pay attention to any notes on the respective models. There you can see if the model is only suitable up to a certain cup size, if it is smaller than normal, etc.
  • The size chart fits SiaLinda models and is not easily transferable to other manufacturers!

Despite all the tips, not the right size?
No problem: just send it back, we will exchange it free of charge!