Tips for buying corsets

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Tips for buying corsets

Please note:Our corsets are a fashionable accessories and no strong lacing corsets.
They should shape their look, but also sit comfortably - they are not a "tank"!

Sometimes the term "corsage" is used for this kind of corsets. We consciously do not use him often so that no confusion with the lingerie of the same name emerge. But you will never want to wear the sexy outfits of Sialinda below! Basically, many corsages, so soft "corsets", are worn today as outerwear to pants or rock or even solo as a top.


Brust or Unterbustkorsett?

An overbrust corset,Also called whole breast corset, goes, as the name implies, over the chest and forms your décolleté. Whether Cup A or D, you will enjoy a beautifully shaped "excerpt"!At the same time it emphasizes your waist and visually stretches the upper body. Wear it out of a strapless or over a blouse, so you can use the effect on the occasion every time.

A Unterbustkorsett Ends, as the name implies, below the chest and emphasizes her breasts in a very special way, while it shapes her waist at the same time.
Wear the underbust corset over a blouse or a top and you are perfectly dressed to put a strong performance in the "public".
Need something very hot for a private evening or a fetish event? Then the underbust corset "top without" is the perfect means of purpose!


The right size

The right seat of the corset is important and therefore easy to choose with our perfectly cut models.

With this Size Chart We want to make it as easy as possible to choose a Sialinda corset. The sizes are based on the cuts of our Sialinda models and can be not readily transferred to other brands! You will also find selected corsets up to size 6XL.

We have found out the ideal size combinations with extensive tests and adjustments to the models and cuts. With these combinations, you will find your fitting underwont or overbrust corset in a very simple way without having to measure much. Simply compare the sizes of your normal sitting outerwear and voilà!

Here you will find the Sialinda size chart for corsets,
and In addition as a tab "Size Description Korsetts" in the description of each corset!