Reviews for SiaLinda

New Feature

We recently added a new feature to the SiaLinda store: Real product reviews from real customers


We will never pay for reviews, fake them or "bribe" customers to give a good review.

Honesty and transparency

These are our clear guidelines here!
Online buyers are recognized as such by their email address through the rating platform, and receive the "verified buyer" seal. The same applies to purchases in our showroom or at trade shows, if we have received an email address from you.

Photos and Videos

As we said, we will never pay for a review, no matter how good it is


BUT: We are very happy if you upload a photo or video to your review here in our shop. For this effort and for the right to publish it, we will give you a voucher for 10€!
(This voucher has no catch: valid for all articles, no minimum order value, unlimited validity! For technical reasons only one voucher can be redeemed per order).

Do you also want to rate?

This would make us very happy, because as we said, it helps us a lot!

There are

three possibilities

  1. If you have received an automatic email from us a few days after ordering with a link to the purchased item(s): You click on it and in a few seconds everything is done. In this case you will be automatically "verified" as a buyer.
    Doesn't cost anything, doesn't hurt, but helps us and others a lot!
  2. The 2nd possibility also works for purchases in the past:
    Go directly to the item in the shop you bought. Scroll all the way down. There you will see a button "Write review".
  3. You write us a message that you want to rate the article XYZ.
    We will send you an email with a corresponding link.
    (For technical reasons we have to send one email per purchased item. If you bought two items you will receive two emails. Don't be surprised).

    Do you also get a voucher?

    Yes, but as I said not for a pure review. This should be done deliberately without consideration, so that you remain objective and third parties can assume this objectivity.

    However, if you provide us with a photo/video of yourself with the purchased item, then we would like to reward this effort with a 10€ voucher!

    Real customer reviews