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SiaLinda: Collar loop, elk leather with O-ring, two-tone, black - red 20mm wide - 2 lengths!

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VENDOR: SiaLinda


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NEW, again an innovation from SiaLinda: The collar of the O


loop" with O


Idea, development and production: SiaLinda - Made in Germany!

The inspiration for this SiaLinda development came from customers. Every now and then we heard something like: "Why don't you make a collar out of your great leather that doesn't have a clasp and doesn't look like a dog collar!" A collar without a clasp? Can't be done, but eventually we had a brainwave... we use the o-ring as the clasp! And to break up the look of a "dog collar", we make it into the shape of a bow.

Reduce to the Max!

Or as they would say in German "Less is more" - even if the pun doesn't get it across so nicely.
Leather, O-ring - nothing else!

The Material

We again use our high quality, super soft elk leather

, with two layers of leather sewn together. The collar is finished with an O-ring (approx. 20 mmm diameter), which not only has a symbolic character, but is also suitable for playing! The ring is soldered, ground and polished, so that you practically don't see the attachment.

The elk leather comes from Scandinavia, where the animals are (have to be) shot to regulate the population. Our elk leather is much softer than cowhide, yet even more durable and hard-wearing.

The designs

From the beginning we bring the collars "bow"


3 colour combinations: black - red (here), as well as black - pink


black - black


In addition, this collar of the O is again available in 2 lengths!

The closure


is no classic closure.
The collar is screwed with a stainless steel

screw through both ends into the O-ring and so closed.

No metal on the neck!
(Except for the stainless steel screw head, and that is not on the neck. Doesn't even rest on the skin normally).

Attention: We have an extra long screw in use. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that if the ring is turned in one direction all the time, playfully or for reasons of nervousness, the collar will open "at some point" due to its construction!
Screw and ring can be lost. For buyers of the collar loop we offer however uncomplicated replacement. Please ask by mail


Check out our video here how to put on the collar loop!

The Design

100% SiaLinda.

We wanted to get away from the typical necklace design, to something extraordinary that emphasizes the décolleté.
The bow rests on the chest and attracts attention.

The lengths

We offer the neckbands bow in 2 lengths . Please measure your neck circumference and think about how far down the bow should go. Then choose the appropriate total length.
For comparison: the model wears the normal length. Because of the "long" version this necklace is also suitable for men.

An ideal gift

An extraordinary necklace of the O, which the recipient may not have seen before (at least if he/she doesn't know our pages ;-) ).
Of course we also send it again in

our SiaLinda gift box (see picture).

The dimensions

Normal version:
* Neckband width: approx. 2 cm*
Total length of the leather band: approx. 56 cm*
From hole to end of band: approx. 6.5 cm*
Circumference: approx. 40 cm (the neck circumference should be a few centimeters less, see model pictures)


Long version:
* Neckband width: approx. 2 cm*
Total length of the leather band: approx. 65 cm
* From perforation

to end of band: approx. 8 cm* Circ


: approx. 47 cm (the neck circumference should be a few centimeters less, compare model pictures)


SiaLinda exclusive: Made in Germany by and for SiaLinda!
Handmade. The measurements may therefore vary slightly.

Even if the collar bow is rather a jewelry collar, it can be used for "playing" without any problems. The leather and especially the O-ring will withstand more than the neck of the person wearing it. We recommend in any case a sense of proportion and caution...
In our online shop you will find the matching leashes made of genuine leather in black and red. Ideal for all fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, SM / BDSM and the history of O.

HEIGHT: 180 cm - 5' 11”
BUST: 83 cm - 32”
WAIST: 57 cm - 22”
HIPS: 88 cm - 35
SHOE SIZE: 39 - 6

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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

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  • 30°C or 80°F
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  • 50°C or 120°F
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